Patrice Catanzaro TOME 10

Posted 2012/10/30, by tinawinters.

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The upcoming release of the new collection fetish fetish troublemaker of the universe is an opportunity to unveil its new creative space. It begins with a guided tour in the workshops unusual fetish creator Patrice Catanzaro pretty face with a press of the garment factory. 
That's enough to make your mouth water for days and I must still say that the Volume 10 was entirely shot by Nath Sakura. I can see your eyes widen when I say that the best is yet to come and that's saying something believe me ;)

Materials and attraction

Materials are the foundation of fashion.  Perhaps they were even more important in the styling fetishist. Indeed, the creative work is based on the final aesthetic.  Often used in fetishism, materials such as leather, latex, vinyl, fur, wool or spandex are the ambassadors of the current dress.  Often used in connection with shoes and feet during foreplay, these materials do not have this use. Many designers use them to shape collections straddles aesthetic chic and fetish.  Combining a set of concealment of the body with a tight material, clothing is sharing sensuality. However, the strength and innovation of Patrice Catanzaro are not overrepresented latex use in his creations. Preferring new and innovative materials, its mode line is placed on the side of the truly feminine appeal.  This is also reinforced its technical sexy femininity in the design of his personality. Games of the body are studied carefully for the garment expresses different feelings.

Passion et séduction sont ainsi réunies. Passion and seduction are well met.


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