Tina Winters Parties

Last Updated:2012/11/29
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Tina Winters Parties

Why should you have a Tina Winters party?
Because Tina Winters knows that certain parties are aimed at a younger market and believes women now want a new and more mature experience. Welcome to the ultimate in ladies and men's parties!!! as never seen before!!!

Why is a Tina Winters party different you ask?
Tina Winters aims to bring you stunning lingerie and sex toys you've never seen before, but that's not all, in-depth descriptions of how these new and scientifically tested, yes, scientifically tested toys are capable of delivering the ultimate experience.

Your party organiser will come to see you and organise everything you need to make this the most talked about party. Tina Winters also believes in education and the host can choose 2 themes from a varied range of themes which she thinks her and her friends would be interested in know and learning about. It's time we took control ladies!

This could be...
How to whip your partner 'not causing pain' but ecstatic please like they have never experienced before, or how talk dirty in bed. I think many of us women struggle with that one! Tina Winters not only supplies luxury sex toys for women but also  men. Please for both of you... together or separately!

Tel: 024 7666 5122 / 07944 648 744
www.tinawinters.com Email: post@tinawinters.com
Twitter: tinawintersuk Facebook: tina.winterscom