Lelo Oden 2

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Tina Winters Sku: N8645
Manufacturer: LELO
Part#: 5962

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Returning with stunningly re-worked features, the popular couple's toy, the Lelo Oden™ 2 now boasts the very clever SenseMotion™ technology, a movement-sensitive remote control, a 3X greater wireless range and a 50% stronger motor. Encompassing all the original benefits but with orgasm-enducing upgrades!

The Oden™ 2 is simple to use, the ergonomically comfortable ring is worn by the male partner during sex while the vibrating bulb stimulates the woman's clitoris with every thrust.

Fully waterproof and rechargeable, the Oden™ 2 offers wireless pleasure and fun via the optional but additional motion sensitive remote while the flexible, snug fit of the ring furthers his pleasure and stamina.

The uniquely delectable SenseMotion Technology offers an entirely new dimension to play, allowing a partner to gain full control and power of the pleasure. This can be achieved by tilting, shaking or sweeping the wireless controller through different movements, which in turn prompts a response in your Oden 2.

The pleasure doesn't stop there as the intuitive controller mirrors the vibrations you are creating, which means you can feel what a partner is experiencing from a range of up to 36 metres.

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